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Can California avoid a third devastating COVID-19 winter wave? Cautious signs of hope

There's guarded optimism that this winter might be different from those of 2020 and 2021, when COVID-19 surges killed thousands of Americans a day.

With flu season here, health officials urge communities of color to get vaccinated

Flu vaccination rates have lagged in Black and Hispanic communities, according to the CDC. Public health officials are trying to change that.

COVID-19 is robbing Latino community of a secret weapon behind their success: grandparents

COVID-19's death rate hit Latino seniors hardest, and that's threatening the community's long-heralded family structure.

Ice Cube says he lost a $9-million movie deal after refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine

'I didn't turn it down. They just didn't give it to me,' Ice Cube said about a $9-million movie payday he lost out on when he wouldn't get vaccinated.

Masking up, testing, sanitizing: Staying safe this Thanksgiving with COVID-19, flu and RSV

This year's holiday happenings risk attracting some unwelcome guests, as respiratory viruses and the coronavirus could find fertile ground to spread, especially in crowded indoor settings.

'Three threats at once': California urges caution amid spread of RSV, COVID, flu

With the holidays on the horizon, health officials say it's important residents do everything they can to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses.

NFL games during 2020 season led to significant COVID spikes, study says

A study published Friday determined NFL games played during the 2020 season before a vaccine was available led to spikes in COVID cases.

L.A. County strongly recommends indoor masking as COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations jump

Masking has returned to being "strongly recommended" in indoor public spaces in Los Angeles County. Coronavirus cases are rising across California.

L.A. COVID swindlers living European life of luxury extradited from Montenegro

Husband and wife swindlers from L.A. are extradited from Montenegro after months of lavish spending under fake names in a scenic Mediterranean resort town.

How patients wrote 'the first textbook' on long COVID

In 'The Long Haul,' Ryan Prior recounts an unprecedented grass-roots effort to get the medical establishment to recognize a devastating shadow pandemic.

For some COVID patients, 'Paxlovid rebound' has nothing to do with Paxlovid

Americans have embraced the idea that Paxlovid is to blame for COVID-19 relapses in people who've seemingly recovered. Scientists aren't so sure.

L.A. County coronavirus cases, hospitalizations rising as Thanksgiving nears

Health officials fear that low uptake of the updated COVID-19 bivalent booster will result in needless coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths in the coming months.

Karaoke in the time of COVID

One venue owner says that business is "60%, 70%" of what it once was. If you are planning to belt some Whitney among friends, experts recommend masking up.

COVID-19 still a leading cause of death in L.A. County, even amid 'milder' Omicron surge

COVID-19 was the second leading cause of death in Los Angeles County in the first six months of 2022, illustrating the outsized impact the pandemic has had on mortality rates.

Column: Closing schools in the pandemic was bad. Keeping them all open would have been worse

Opponents of closing schools for COVID never talk about how bad the pandemic would have been if they were all kept open.

Want employees to come to the office? Pick up their laundry and welcome their dogs

Employees at L'OrA(c)al get concierge service, a vegetable garden and other perks as some bosses pull out the stops to get workers back to the office

Walt Disney drops COVID-19 vaccination mandate from many TV shows as shutdown fears recede

Walt Disney has dropped a requirement for members of TV crews to be vaccinated against COVID-19 on a group of TV shows.

A 'tripledemic' of flu, RSV and COVID is feared in California

A confluence of respiratory illnesses has some California officials warning of a possible triple threat that could strain healthcare systems.

Are the unvaccinated still a danger to the rest of us?

Americans who still aren't fully vaccinated against COVID-19 probably have some immunity from a past infection. They may not be so dangerous anymore.

Column: ProPublica and Vanity Fair are pushing the COVID lab-leak theory, but their exposA(c) is a train wreck

A blockbuster investigation by ProPublica and Vanity Fair claims COVID originated in a lab. Here's where they went wrong.

New Omicron subvariants BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 make gains as BA.5 fades

The rise of the new coronavirus subvariants is raising concerns of a possible COVID-19 resurgence in fall and winter, as past surges were driven by emerging variants.

Got COVID? Your symptoms may depend on your vaccination status

Reports from thousands of people who've had COVID-19 suggest that the most common symptoms vary according to their vaccination status.

Southern California braces for difficult flu season as cases rise after COVID lull

After a pandemic-induced lull, influenza is being detected at increased levels for this time of year in Southern California.

Newer coronavirus subvariants ticking up in California amid concerns of winter wave

California is closely watching a rise in new subvariants, as L.A. County and San Francisco Bay Area officials warn that cases are no longer substantially decreasing.

L.A. County gives COVID shots at home. Advocates fear 'people just don't know about this'

Physicians and advocates concerned about homebound patients fear that L.A. County has not reached many who could be at high risk from COVID.

L.A.'s love of sprawl made it America's most overcrowded place. Poor people pay a deadly price

More homes are overcrowded in L.A. than in any other large U.S. county, a Times analysis of census data found a a situation that has endured for three decades.

Packed In: Overcrowded housing in Los Angeles has brought death by design

It's the cruel paradox at the center of Los Angeles housing.

Updated COVID boosters are now available for kids. Here's how to get them

In Los Angeles County, officials plan to offer the updated boosters for children as young as 5 at an estimated 625 sites starting as soon as Wednesday.

Newsom will call off COVID state of emergency next year

Gov. Gavin Newsom said the dramatic reductions in hospitalizations and deaths will allow him to end California's COVID-19 state of emergency in February, three years after his initial declaration.

Op-Ed: The pandemic, Hurricane Ian and me a a doctor whose friends say I have PTSD

When we're in the eye of the storm, the ability to muffle panic is a survival skill, one I've employed as a doctor during COVID and while fleeing Hurricane Ian.

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